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Insurance Company Assistance - As trained, experienced, and educated professionals with over 70 years of experience, we will consult and educate you

Lifetime Warranty

Automotive Glass Replacement

Motorcycle Collision Repair and Paint Job

Paintless Dent Repair

On-Site Car Rental

Labor cost, Bike

Custom vs repair 48$/hr cars

Whether you are looking to fix a small scratch or dent, a major collision repair, or just freshen up your daily driver, our facility is fully equipped with the proper equipment to help ensure your vehicle will come out looking brand new. 

Our professional, knowledgeable staff are iCar certified and have the necessary skills, training, and expertise to exceed all of your needs. Only the finest quality paints, primers, and sealers are applied.

Towing - during business hours call 603.521.7450
After hours call DR towing 603.880.4757

Insurance options

Your insurance company may recommend a collision center but cannot require that you use them. Owners have the right to have their vehicle repaired at a collision center they choose!

The majority of the time, the cost for your repair is only going to be your deductible amount (if there is one). So the cost should not be your main concern. Consider a collision center that has your interest in mind, not the insurance companies.

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